Our Initiatives


The Chattanooga Film Society is dedicated to growing the film and television industry — and film culture — in Southeast Tennessee. To better define the organization’s objectives, we’ve established the six long-term initiatives that follow:


Marketing the Region

Through the “Film Chattanooga” initiative, the Chattanooga Film Society is already taking a leading role in marketing the Southeast Tennessee region as a film and television production destination. Chattanooga has hosted film productions since the silent movie era, but we realize the potential for growth has never been greater due to the steady influx of runaway film production into the South from Hollywood. In the short term, we are particularly interested in retaining and growing television commercial activity, as we recognize this as the financial bedrock of any healthy film & television economy. Next, we will focus our efforts on marketing the region to producers of made-for-television movies as we believe Chattanooga is ideally suited for this kind of production with its wide array of locations, ease of travel within the area, experienced crews and excellent government cooperation. Finally, we are hoping to attract more independent feature films as well as major Hollywood studio productions.


Supporting Efforts to Create Local and State Incentives to Attract Production to our Region

The Chattanooga Film Society is an industry partner of the Association for the Future of Film and Television (AFFT) and other groups working hard to bring film financial incentives to the state of Tennessee. We are also working at the local level to encourage business leaders and government to create a local incentives package.


Launching a Major Film Festival

Central to our mission is creating a more active and prominent film culture in the region. In this regard, the Chattanooga Film Society has a five year goal of launching a major international film festival that will one day take its place among the world’s elite festivals. We are modeling the Chattanooga Film Festival after Telluride, South by Southwest, Venice and other “destination” film festivals and are learning from the best of the best. Our hope is to create a world-class festival that becomes a permanent part of the cultural calendar in the South as well as a major stop on the international film festival circuit.


Facilitating the Creation of Professional Film and Television Support Services

Chattanooga has traditionally been a destination for shooting exteriors and less of a home base for studio productions. The Chattanooga Film Society is hoping to build our area as a production hub, and one of the keys to implementation of this initiative is facilitating the development of a fully-equipped and dedicated rental soundstage for film and television production. We have identified this as a major priority for developing the industry in the region along with the need for local equipment rental and a state-of-the-art post production facility. We are currently seeking entrepreneurs who are attracted to the potential for growth in these areas and will work hand-in-hand with you to realize your business plans.


Creation and Management of a Center for Independent Filmmaking

The center will play an incubator role in supporting regional filmmakers and industry professionals. Programs at the center will include a regular schedule of seminars, networking events and screenings of works-in-progress as well as finished films. Resources and services available to independent filmmakers will include a comprehensive crew and production resources database, mentoring for various film craft skill sets, and funding and sponsorship resource assistance. The center will also facilitate various special interest groups based on specific film crafts such as screenwriting and cinematography.


Encouraging and Enabling Film Education Efforts Throughout Our Region

Promoting film education and appreciation at all levels is a core mission of the Society. The Chattanooga Film Society works with area high schools in developing and promoting media arts programs. Over the long term, the Society will also offer a regular schedule of educational workshops and technical seminars to members of the local film community.